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Cockpit Interface

Premier HMI Technology, Customized for Your Application

Customized HMI Solutions

When other solutions won't do, Neonode's expert team of engineers are ready to help you get the experience your application requires. 

Our customized HMI solutions have been put in production by the largest players in the industry and to date they power the user interface of more than 75 million of their products.

Our HMI Solutions at a Glance

Robust Operation

Neonode's high quality and rugged performance ensures years of stable operation in the most demanding applications on Earth. We deliver outstanding overall product life time value.

Low Electromagnetic Interference

The beauty of our IR technology is that it can operate in very 'radiation-busy' environments as well as emit a minimum of magnetic interference, making Neonode the go-to choice in military and rugged settings.

Nightvision Compliant

We have developed deep experience in collaboration with our military customers in how to ensure 100% dynamic interaction come night or day, come rain or shine.

Uncompromised Image Quality

Since we deliver invisible light above a screen, we can ensure top image quality with great ease of use and low latency; all vital requirements for medical, military or other demanding settings.

Freedom of Design

We have worked with hundreds of different customers, delivering millions of products in the field, amassing know-how and expertise to make sure that the customer gets to focus on the end customer in a hassle free project. We pride ourselves in being easy to work with, enabling a flexible integration together with Neonode's experienced experts.

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Object Detection for Head-Up Displays

Watch Neonode's Per Nohlert, Director Business Development, give an introduction to Object Detection for Head-Up Displays.

Watch the Video
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Military and Avionics Applications

Neonode’s IR technology is ideal for touch and gesture control applications in a range of applications such as

  • Cockpit displays  – military and civil

  • Military control system panels

  • In-flight entertainment systems

Industrial Control System

Industrial Control Systems

Designed to withstand harsh environments, calling for robust and reliable HMI. Where competitors fall short, Neonode’s IR-based zForce technologies are ideal for a wide range of original designs and retrofit applications such as

  • Industrial touchscreen monitors

  • Machine control panels

  • Clean rooms / medical environments

  • Hand-held devices

  • Kiosks

Touch Sensor Module insides

Powered by zForce Technology

With a toolbox of reflective and blocking optical technology, our zForce technology platform is adaptable to your requirements; need it be gloved usage, “busy environments”, high scanning speed, the removal of cover glass to enable a truly glare free experience or new types of interactions such as gesture sensing.

Learn More About zForce