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Neonode Sectors
Sector Leadership in Machine Perception & Advanced HMI


Leading technological transformation in Automotive and IT & Industrial.

Since its founding over 20 years ago, Neonode has firmly positioned itself as a technological pioneer and innovation leader in the industry. With decades-long experience serving the Automotive and IT & Industrial sectors, Neonode possesses a deep understanding of customer needs and application requirements – offering sophisticated solutions that generate customer value.

Today, Neonode technologies have been deployed in over 90 million products across the Automotive and IT & Industrial sectors, including in over 8 million vehicles. Some of the applications where you can find Neonode solutions are vehicles, printers, e-readers and smart displays, elevators, medical equipment and retail, but our technologies' reach expand far beyond these applications as well.

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Neonode has been developing technology for the automotive industry for over 10 years. Today, almost eight million vehicles on the market come with our technology integrated into their systems.

Our automotive journey began with next-generation in-car entertainment systems, and has followed with progressive innovation ever since, within smart steering wheels, interior and exterior controls, HUD obstruction detection and driver and in-cabin monitoring.

We enable our customers to meet EU GSR and Euro NCAP guidelines.

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IT & Industrial

Neonode is a key technology provider in the IT & Industrial sector, enabling next-generation artificial intelligence and HMI solutions with its proven MultiSensing and zForce technology platforms.

In IT & Industrial, our experience spans all the way from intuitive consumer devices to rugged applications in demanding industrial environments. Our MultiSensing technology platform enables state-of-the-art operator monitoring and machine perception solutions, whereas our zForce technology enables traditional touch and touch interaction beyond the ordinary – rugged touch, contactless touch and holographic touch.

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IT & Industrial Subsectors

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Neonode has a solid background in providing smart technologies for avionics, including landside and airside applications for airport terminals and flight-deck applications for aircrafts.

We know that self-service technologies in terminals help to improve passenger satisfaction and airport revenues, while onboard the aircraft, precision and accuracy is of paramount importance.

Our technology is 100% compatible in electromagnetic environments, and has been deployed in dozens of airports around the globe, as well as in 3D navigational systems for light aircraft.

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Neonode technology helps to reduce errors, improve patient confidence, and improve overall healthcare in hospitals with safer HMI between humans and medical equipment.

Neonode sensors work in sterile environments and are compatible with surgical gloves, emit low electromagnetic interference, and are completely invisible over diagnostic screens where contrast and luminance is essential.

Our technology is trusted by global OEM medical suppliers and is deployed in patient check-in machines, portable medical carts, and diagnostic imaging machines. It's a perfect option for all areas of a hospital, from the operating theater to the bedside.

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Retail and Hospitality

Expedite transaction times, increase average transaction values (ATV) and shorten queues with next-generation self-service technologies (SST) such as touchless self-service menus, contactless self-checkout machines, interactive advertising boards, or holographic Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

Neonode provides interactive Contactless Touch and Holographic solutions for retail and hospitality services that improve customer service and create the ultimate wow-factor for brands. We also develop state-of-the-art facial recognition software, that can be used to identify satisfied customers in real-time.

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Whether you are an architect, property manager or interior designer, Neonode provides innovative technology-driven solutions that address the needs of the real-estate industry when building smart homes and interactive buildings.

With focus on accuracy, functionality and design, our technology, provides robust and reliable sensor technology for elevators, door entry systems and smart home technology. We also provide scene analysis software for capacity management in venues.

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