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Transform the Way Humans and Machines Interact


Innovative optical solutions that transform the way humans and machines interact.

With a focus on innovation and staying ahead of the curve, Neonode has developed a range of cutting-edge technologies that enable touchless interaction, object detection, infrared touch and scene analysis via machine perception.

Neonode's solutions have been implemented in a variety of industries, including automotive, avionics, medical, real-estate, retail and hospitality, making Neonode a trusted partner for businesses looking to build new applications that enhance the user experience. As a pioneer in the field of touchless technology, Neonode has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible, creating solutions that improve efficiency, safety, and convenience for users around the world.

Contactless Touch

Touchless Interaction

Create exceptional user experiences with intuitive touchless technology. Turn any surface into a contactless interface or make holograms interactive with in-air actions like point-to-select or hand gestures.

Neonode Touch Sensor Modules, which enable contactless touch, can be retrofitted to existing machines, or seamlessly embedded into new designs. Perfect for improving hygiene, reducing maintenance costs, and adding wow-factor to your next application.

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Object Detection

Ensure the integrity and functionality of critical systems with Neonode's Object Detection solution, which can recognize and warn of obstructions as small as a fraction of a millimeter in real time.

Neonode's Object Detection uses advanced infrared sensing technology to identify and alert host systems about foreign objects on surfaces, such as automotive head-up displays or sterile fields. Ensure your application stays unobstructed for safer performance.

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Infrared Touch

Neonode offers touch interaction solutions using proprietary infrared technology, that offers low electromagnetic interference, resilience to surface contamination, uncompromised image quality and even night vision compliancy if required.

Choose from our standalone Touch Sensor Module or a customized implementation tailored to your specific needs. Transform any surface into a touch-enabled interface, such as a digital screen, etched metal, plastic, wood or glass.

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Machine Perception

Humanize your next machine by giving it the intelligence to perceive and respond to the world around it, with Neonode's machine perception solutions. Built upon our MultiSensing technology, the AI-based systems collects data from camera images and is taught to recognize anything or anyone in the scene, such as specific objects, human facial recognitions or gaze direction.

Neonode's machine perception is perfect for detecting drowsiness in driver monitoring systems, in retail environments for monitoring advertising engagement, and in other applications where accurate AI image based understanding and interpretation is required.

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