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Elevator Buttons - 2000x1000
Transform Traditional Elevators into Touchless Experiences

Elevator Controls

Create luxurious and more hygienic elevator experiences with contactless controls.

Make vertical transportation a touchless experience with Neonode Touch Sensor Modules. With our patented zForce technology, an interactive area can be projected over new or existing elevator controls and configured to be activated when users gesture within the range, creating safe, luxurious, hygienic and magical in-air controls. Available in a range of lengths, our solution is perfect for double story residential settings or multistory commercial skyrises.

With focus on accuracy, functionality and design, our technology can be found in many of the leading elevator brands across the globe. We work closely with both OEMs and boutique elevator component designers to help engineer the next-generation of contactless Landing Operating Panels (LOP) and Car Operating Panels (COP).

USPs - Elevator Applications


Touchless Elevator Buttons

Improve hygiene by upgrading existing elevator buttons to contactless controls. Simply hover a finger over the button to select a floor.


Gesture Based Hall Call Panels

For Landing Operating Panels, allow passengers to call the elevator using simple mid-air hand gestures, like an upwards or downwards swipe.


Contactless Interactive Displays

Design luxurious multimedia interfaces that match your architectural style or branding. Why not include subtle animation as visual feedback?


Holographic Elevator Pads

For an extreme wow-factor, create interactive holographic pads that allow passengers to go to their floor by selecting buttons in midair.

Contactless Elevator Controls
Contactless Elevator Controls

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Contactless Elevator Panels

Retrofit existing elevators or design innovative new elevators with a luxurious and hygienic touch.

Neonode Elevator Applications

Elevator Retrofit

Retrofit Elevator Solution

Upgrading an elevator to a luxurious and hygienic contactless solution does not require tedious replacement of costly components. Design an elegant retrofit kit using as few as just one Neonode Touch Sensor Module and transform existing COP and LOP controls into contactless experiences in minutes. Whether it be traditional push-buttons, interactive displays or even holographic pads, existing elevator standards and disability compliance remains intact.

Elevator New Design

Contactless Solution for New Designs

Reimagine the elevator experience by integrating contactless touch into your next design. Our Touch Sensor Modules are impressively thin, making them easy to build into any design. Delight travelers with beautiful car interiors that compliment a building's architectural style. We provide elevator designers with complete flexibility, as any surface in the car can become interactive using our technology, such as stainless steel, mirror, or plastic laminate.

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