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AirBar Is Discontinued

The Revolutionary Technology Lives On in Neonode's B2B Solutions

Neonode has stopped producing and selling AirBar products. If you are looking to bring AirBar-like touch interfaces to business applications, take a look at Neonode's Touch Sensor Modules and Contactless Touch solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Some of the Most Asked AirBar Questions

Where can I buy AirBar products?
We do not keep a list of vendors but we suggest you search on Amazon or EBay.

Where can I get new magnets?
We no longer send out spare magnets.

I’d like to file a warranty claim.
Please contact the vendor you purchased the product from.

Can I download a new firmware for my AirBar sensor?
Here you can download the latest firmware for AirBar for Windows 10. The software that supports AirBar for MacBook Air 13.3” will become obsolete by March 2022, to purchase a new version please visit Touch-Base.

I’d like to do a project using an AirBar sensor.
Please have a look at Neonode’s Touch Sensor Modules which are based on the same technology as our AirBar sensors but offer much for flexibility in terms of customization.

Product-Related Questions


Q: What does the AirBar touchscreen sensor do?
 AirBar touch enables non-touch laptops. With AirBar your laptop screen becomes a touchscreen so you can tap, pinch/zoom, sweep, and rotate on most touch based applications. 

Q: How many fingers touch points does AirBar register?
 Up to two fingers for pinch/zoom and rotation.

Q: How does AirBar attach and connect to my laptop?
 AirBar attaches to the bottom bezel of your laptop screen with the provided magnets. You connect AirBar to your laptop with the built-in USB cable.


Q: What operating systems does AirBar work on?
 AirBar is ONLY supported for Windows 10. ALL other operating systems are NOT recommended or supported. Chrome OS, Linux, Ubuntu, macOS etc. are NOT supported with AirBar for Windows 10.

Q: What screen sizes does AirBar work on?
 AirBar is very precise and works accurately for each specific size. AirBar currently ONLY comes for Windows 10 laptops with the screen sizes 13.3”, 14” and 15.6”. 

Q: Will AirBar for Windows 10 work only my 17.3” laptop, desktop monitor, MacBook Pro® notebook?
 No. AirBar WILL NOT work on those devices. Only works for Window 10 laptops with screen sizes that are 13.3”, 14” or 15.6”. Must be exactly one of those screen sizes. Examples: A Windows 10 laptop with a 13.3” screen only works with 13.3” AirBar, laptop with 14” screen size only works with 14” AirBar, and laptop with 15.6” screen size, only works with 15.6”. No exceptions.

Q: Will AirBar work on all laptop running Windows with sizes 13.3”, 14” and 15.6”?
 Generally, yes. However, because AirBar attaches to the bottom bezel, you will need minimum 22 mm bezel size below the screen. This means some Toshiba laptops are not suitable for AirBar if the bottom bezel is not at least 22 mm.

Q: My laptop on has a USB port on the left side.
 You will need to buy a USB extension cable. Please ensure it’s not too long. Measure the distance before buying the extension cable.

Q: Which versions of macOS will AirBar for MacBook Air 13.3" work on?
macOS support extends only to version 10.15, macOS Mojave, that was released 24 Sep 2018. All later versions of macOS are not supported.

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Neonode has been transforming the way humans interact with machines for decades. Today, Fortune 500 companies use our technology to enhance customer experience, and it can be found in over 80 million products worldwide. We hold over 100 patents and have been listed on Nasdaq since 2012. But it’s not just about world-class products. We also provide best-in-class support so you can give your customers a better, safer experience as fast as possible.

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