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Interactive Kiosks
Responsive Digital Kiosks with Touchless Interaction

Digital Kiosks

Build consumer confidence with contactless kiosks and gesture controlled machines.

Reduce transaction times, raise average transaction values (ATV) and shorten queues with next-generation self-service technologies (SST) such as touchless kiosks or holographic Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

SST provides many advantages, but the recent pandemic has caused some hesitancy in people's attitudes towards touching public machines due to heightened hygiene awareness. Smart businesses are now opting for contactless machines. Neonode technology offers a quick and effective solution for creating touchless applications. Our Touch Sensor Modules, powered by zForce infrared technology, project an invisible interactive plane over any digital interface for in-air interaction using point-to-select or configurable hand gestures.

Neonode is currently deployed in SST machines around the world, including digital menus in world-famous fast food chains, in award winning airports and in edutainment units in museums, libraries and aquariums.

Application Features - Digital Kiosks

Interaction with 0% Contact

Reduce the spread of pathogens and increase consumer confidence with contactless touch technology. Make any interface completely touchless.

Integrate with Existing Interfaces

No need to rebuild - work with your existing graphical interface when enabling in-air touch interaction with highly configurable parameters.

Outstanding Product Lifetime Value

Outstanding product lifetime value with high quality and rugged performance in even the most demanding applications.

Plug-and-Play for Fast Implementation

Neonode's Touch Sensor Modules work as touch HID devices over USB or I2C, providing fast implementation integrators.

Neonode Digital Kiosk Applications

Changi Self Service Check-in - 1200x900

Self Service Kiosks

Neonode's ultra-slim Touch Sensor Modules can be quickly and easily retrofitted onto any screen or surface to make it touchless in minutes, or embedded into completely new designs. Touchless kiosks make users feel safer when using public machines and also add wow-factor to the experience. Whether it's a passenger checking-in at an airport, a guest checking out of a hotel, or a diner ordering food at their favorite fast-food restaurant, Neonode is empowering manufacturers to develop self-service kiosks of the future.

7-Eleven Holographic Checkout - 1200x900

Point of Sale

Self-checkouts and POS pin-pads can be a hotbed for pathogens, but going contactless can remove the risk of spreading disease. Neonode's technology will easily transform registers and payment machines into contactless experiences. For a spectacular brand experience at checkout, why not use revolutionary holographic technology to create in-air projections of your interface? Holograms also provide added security when entering personal information such as PIN codes, as information becomes invisible to passers-by.

Coffee Machine - 1200x900

Vending and Ticket Machines

Vending, ticketing and other automated machines provide convenient methods for the distribution of goods and services with low overhead, but they are often positioned in high-traffic areas like offices, or vulnerable outdoor locations such as train or bus stations. Neonode Touch Sensor Modules reduce maintenance of mechanical buttons and broken facades with touchless or touch-on-any surface capabilities. Design your next machine with a buttonless interface or add security by using vandal-proof materials.

Edutainment 1200x900

Information and Edutainment Units

Combining education and entertainment into fun interactive experiences is a great way to encourage personalized learning and is a perfect solution for venues like museums, libraries and aquariums. Adding interactivity to exhibits or edutainment models with Neonode's highly configurable touchless technology means that interactive elements can be updated any time the exhibition or interface changes, without the need to replace the hardware.

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