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Analyze Any Scene with Advanced AI Image Recognition

Machine Perception

Humanize the world, and build machines that can see, sense and respond to their environment.

Machine Perception is the capability for computers to perceive the world around them similar to how humans do. In text, audio and video, AI-based systems have in many cases equaled or surpassed human level capability in interpreting and understanding data. Machine Perception is the foundation of Neonode’s MultiSensing®technology.

Using deep learning, real-time visual input data can be interpreted into meaningful outputs which are customized depending on specific application requirements, such as object detection and orientation, defect detection, and even human attentiveness and drowsiness.

Neonode's machine perception solutions are perfect for driver monitoring safety systems to detect driver drowsiness, in retail environments for monitoring advertising engagement, and in industry process monitoring where accurate AI powered image based understanding and interpretation is required.

With Neonode's solutions, machines can gain the ability to sense a person's mood and adopt to accommodate it.

USPs - Machine Perception

Surpass Human Processing Abilities

With Neonode’s Machine Perception Technology, customers can process data more accurately than humans, in real-time, with far lower error rate.

Fast Reaction Times with Instant Results

Neonode's Machine Perception gives results in a matter of milliseconds, giving customers near-instant reaction time.

Efficient and Small Scale Artificial Intelligence

Unlike many AI and deep learning solutions, our Machine Perception is focused on efficient, low power implementations.

Occlusion Resistant for Higher Accuracy

Neonode's Machine Perception can detect and orient objects, even when a large section of the object of interest is occluded or obscured.

Driver and in-cabin monitoring
Driver and in-cabin monitoring

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Machine Perception for Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring

Learn how Neonode's Machine Perception technology enables automotive innovation with synthetic data.

Eye Tracking - 1200x900

Eye Tracking

Generate meaningful insights with highly accurate and precise eye tracking that can identify gaze direction, eye movements, and blinking.

Know exactly where a person is looking, what they see - or what they don't. Use eye tracking for driver monitoring systems, to measure advertising effectiveness, consumer research, VR or gaming applications.

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Facial Recognition

Employ Neonode's facial recognition software to find, track and identify a person's facial features in real-time from a single frame. Output can be completely anonymous, meaning data can be compliant with respective privacy laws.

Our deep neural networks are able to quickly and accurately determine characteristics and the orientation of a person's face, even when the face is partially blocked by a hat, face mask or sunglasses.

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Object Recognition

Use object recognition to locate, identify or count specific objects within a given space.

With Neonode's sophisticated synthetic data factory, our Machine Perception technology can quickly be trained to accurately identify and interpret any new objects or scenarios using synthetic data models alone - making it the ideal software for use in fast changing environments such as vehicles, retail spaces or factories.

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Attentiveness and Drowsiness Perception

Neonode's Machine Perception technology enables real-time evaluation of a person's alertness. By utilizing a combination of body, face, and eye perception, we can detect and thereby alert inattentiveness in scenarios where concentration is critical.

Everyone gets tired at some point, but how tired is too tired? Neonode’s Drowsiness Perception technology combines a range of driver behavioral data with driving condition data to identify the subtle trends that indicate that a driver is becoming fatigued or drowsy. The result is a nuanced and highly accurate assessment of inattentiveness in drivers, machine operators and pilots.

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Defect Detection

Producing items without imperfections or defects every single time is challenging, but finding the faulty items in a large batch of flawless ones can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

With Neonode’s Machine Perception, finding the handful of faulty items becomes simple, be it looking for incorrect application of paint, an incorrectly produced bottle, or a banana that’s too ripe.

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Driver and In-cabin Monitoring 2000x1000

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MultiSensing is Neonode’s proprietary computing platform for efficient and safety-enhancing driver and in-cabin monitoring features in vehicles and other demanding applications.

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