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Touchless Elevator Panel
Touchless Technology for Human to Machine Interactions

Touchless Interaction

Upgrade your customer experience with touchless technology.

Neonode's touchless technology is a game-changer for businesses. Let customers interact with displays and controls without making physical contact, with in-air point-to-select, swipe, zoom and scroll gestures. Placed over any surface, manufacturers can turn any display or fasade into a smart interactive surface, such as digital screens, wood, plastic, glass or metal.

Holographic Touch takes it a step further, allowing customers to interact with projected holograms in mid-air. This technology is not only hygienic and convenient, but also visually stunning and engaging.

Easily enable zero touch interaction for your products with Neonode's touchless solutions.

USPs - Touchless Interaction

0% Contact

Interaction with 0% Contact

Reduce the spread of pathogens and increase consumer confidence with contactless touch technology. Make any interface completely touchless.

A Familiar Interface

Integrate with Existing Interfaces

No need to rebuild - work with your existing graphical interface when enabling in-air touch interaction with highly configurable parameters.

Productivity icon

Outstanding Product Lifetime Value

Outstanding product lifetime value with high quality and rugged performance in even the most demanding applications.

Ready for Integration

Plug-and-Play for Fast Implementation

Neonode's Touch Sensor Modules work as touch HID devices over USB or I2C, providing fast implementation integrators.

Touchless Solutions

Contactless Touch

Contactless Touch

Neonode's Contactless Touch technology allows users to control devices without physical contact. Whether you're looking to upgrade an existing machine or create a new application, our super responsive sensor modules will keep your customers safe - and amazed. Simply place our Touch Sensor Module over any surface, such as digital screens or buttons, and allow for in-air control where users can push, swipe, scroll, pinch or even sign their name without touching a thing.

Contactless Touch-1

Holographic Touch

Create the future today, with magical in-air interactive holograms. By integrating Neonode Touch Sensor Modules with revolutionary projected imagery, holographic images can be controlled with gestures, such as point-to-select, swipe, spin, zoom and even write. Neonode partners with some of the leading global holographic plate providers to make your next application a reality.

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