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Welcome to the Inspiring and Engaging World of Neonode

About Us

Neonode in brief

We Transform the Way Humans Interact With Machines

Neonode has a long history of innovation of advanced, multi-modal human-machine interaction (HMI) solutions. We are the go-to company for advanced Contactless Touch, Touch, and In-Cabin Monitoring.

To date, Neonode’s proven technology is deployed in more than 80 million products around the world. We hold more than 100 patents worldwide and are listed on Nasdaq, New York, since 2012.

Our customer base includes some of the world’s best-known Fortune 500 companies in the consumer electronics, office equipment, automotive, elevator, and interactive kiosk segments.

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20 years

20 Years of Disruptive Innovation

Neonode has been breaking new grounds with innovation since 2001. During our 20 year history, Neonode has had technical successes that today are a natural part of our everyday lives.

As early as 2002, we launched a mobile phone with a touchscreen and gesture control features, five years prior to all the competitors. We pioneered the technology that enabled printers to have touchscreens instead of buttons. In 2010, we entered the automotive market, where we developed a smart steering wheel together with Autoliv, improving driver safety, and provided navigation systems with our advanced touch and gesture control.

Today, the focus is on contactless touch, technology for non-contact interaction with screens, keyboards and keypads, making public spaces more hygienic.

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Our Values

Neonode is a value-driven company. This means we live and breathe our core values, which are integrated into our corporate culture. We continuously strive to reinforce our values in our everyday life.

One Team

With Purpose

Customer Focus

Make Tomorrow Better


Transform Your Career. Transform the Future.

At Neonode we transform the way humans interact with machines. In our very innovative environment, we come together to develop the world’s most advanced technology for our customers. As an employee at Neonode we promise you a workplace that invests in your career, cares for you and is highly creative and engaging.

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