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The Future of Retail and Hospitality Today

Retail and Hospitality

Customer service technologies that delights.

Neonode provides interactive contactless touch and holographic solutions for retail and hospitality services that improves customer service and creates the ultimate wow-factor for brands. We also develop state-of-the-art facial recognition software, that can be used to identify satisfied customers in real-time, and delight customers with personalized experiences in-store.

Our technology has been used in innovative ways in high-end luxury boutiques, convenience stores, retail outlets and global fast food chains around the world.

Our Retail and Hospitality Expertise

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Interactive Kiosks and Self-service Machines

Digital kiosks and self-service machines serve an important role in the retail and hospitality industries, letting customers quickly access information, make orders, purchase goods and complete other tasks. But not all kiosk experiences are equal: a good digital kiosk will delight, whereas a poor kiosk experience frustrates. Make your next kiosk a joy to use with a holographic or touchless interface with Neonode.

Holographic Checkout

Self-checkout Registers

Upgrade the checkout experience for effortless and hygienic interaction. Neonode technology makes it easy for customers to finalize a purchase and helps retailers to drive revenue and foot traffic. Better yet, self service registers allows retailers to save valuable floorspace and free up staff to provide better customer service on the floor.

Object Recognition - Retail

Personalized Advertising

Personalized advertising has a much higher return on investment, but since it has previously been exclusive to online platforms, offline stores have not recognized the benefits in-stores. Neonode's MultiSensing technology now makes it possible to bring offline advertising into the new era of personalization with people and preference recognition. With camera based scene analysis, targeted content can be displayed based on an individual's demographic, such as gender, height or even mood.

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Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Enable 100% contactless payments that do not compromise hygiene. Many POS systems are equipped with NFC, making contactless card reading possible. However, the contactless experience ends when customers enter their PIN. Sticky numpads or smudged touchscreens can be off-putting. Holographic and touchless POS systems allow users to avoid grimy surfaces when completing their purchase.

CTA - Retail and Hospitality

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7-Eleven Goes Holographic in Japan

7-Eleven are making their customers’ day a little more awesome with holographic self-service checkout machines in Japan.

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PR-4111022 Leading-Japanese-Sushi-Chain-Deploys-Contactless Self-Service-Kiosks-Powered-by-Neonode-2000x1000px


Japanese Sushi Chain Deploys Contactless Self-Service Menus

A large sushi restaurant chain in Japan deploys a contactless retrofit solution, powered by Neonode, to all existing self-service kiosks in their over 500 restaurants nationwide.

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