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Neonode technology brings unique value to the medical sector. Whether you are looking for guaranteed touch performance for critical systems, building touchscreen applications that must function with surgical gloves to improve workflow, or developing equipment that is resilient to surface or hand/glove contaminations, our sensor technology can deliver.

Neonode's infrared touch, contactless touch and object detection technologies offer the reliability and flexibility needed for medical-grade devices and hospital products. All offer low electromagnetic interference, meaning they can be used in even the most sensitive wards, clinics and hospital theatres.

Neonode technology is trusted by global OEM medical providers for use in ultrasound machines, and by specialized clinics providing body sculpting procedures with professional beauty treatment machines. Our technology ensures screen clarity is crystal clear and that the machines work, even with gloves or oily hands.

Our Medical Expertise

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Medtech Solutions

Leverage the best in technology to solve common problems that medical professionals face in hospitals, clinics and consulting rooms. Neonode offers infrared touch, holographic, contactless touch and object detection solutions which can be embedded in new applications, or used to upgrade existing equipment as a retrofit solution.

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Medical Equipment

Invent the next-generation of medical equipment that allow medical professionals to seamlessly view and interact with critical medical information in new and reliable ways. Display information using holograms, that allow surgeons to tap the interface in midair with a gloved hand or scalpel, or make germ-eliminating materials, such as silver or copper, fully touch interactive.

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Hospitals and Medical Facilities

When it comes to hospitals, medical facilities or any sterile environment, infrastructure is just as important as the equipment itself. Removing touchpoints with Neonode's touchless technology can dramatically reduce the spread of pathogens, resulting in cleaner and more hygienic localities. With low electromagnetic interference, our sensors are even fit for use in operating theatres.

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Neonode Sensor Fusion


Sensor Fusion for Touch Critical Applications

When accuracy of a touchscreen could mean life or death, why put reliance on just one technology? Learn how technical convergence can provide greater reliability.

Learn About Sensor Fusion
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Holographic Technology Reduces Pathogen Transmission in Hospitals

Transformative holographic technology for hospital equipment help protect patients and medical staff by virtually eliminating surface contact on high touchpoint devices.

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